Weather in Waikiki

Consistent weather conditions is one of the greatest things about Hawaii. Temperature average stays between 21C (71F) and 29C (85F) during the day, so every season can be considered warm and a good time to visit. There are only two seasons:

  • Summer (Kau) — from May to October,
  • Winter (Ho'oilo) — from November to April.

Winter is a rainy season, but that is also the time most visitors come to Hawaii (December through March), trying to avoid the cold and harsh Winters in their home region. It's a good time to watch rainbows and waterfalls, due to the rains, and experience big waves. Then the rain season ends. From April until the end of September the average precipitation levels are the lowest. Another big inflow of people happens during summer vacations (June through August). Therefore, if you are looking for the most affortable time to visit, it would be somewhere inbetween, ie. April–May, or alternatively September–November (though more rainy) — you will save money on flights and accommodation.

Weather in Honolulu now:
temp.: 24°C / 75°F
pressure: 1017 hPa
humidity: 75%
wind: 6.71 m/s
few clouds

The image shows average monthly precipitation in Honolulu and, below, the maximum and minimum average temperature for each month.

average temperature and percipitation graph for Honolulu



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