Tropical Studios STANDARD vs. Tropical Studios PREMIUM


tropical studios premium - photos

What should I expect to get when paying 20% higher price for a “PREMIUM” Tropical Studio?

  • most have newer appliances
  • most have higher quality furniture
  • most have been fully remodeled within past 5 years
  • most have split system AC (quieter than window AC units)
  • most are on higher floors
  • most have better noise isolation from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki
  • some of the kitchen items may be of higher quality
  • towels and linens are replaced more frequently
  • TV's are a few inches larger :)



tropical studios standard - photos

What am I guaranteed when I reserve a “STANDARD” Tropical Studio?

  • clean, comfortable and cozy accommodations with same amount of space and same layout as PREMIUM
  • completely furnished and fully equipped apartment that has been upgraded and refreshed within the last 5 years


Please note that ALL OUR STUDIOS are:

  • identical in size, layout, bed types (queen size bed + sofa sleeper)
  • able to comfortably accommodate a family of 4
  • continuously maintained and updated
  • a great deal compared to the hotel rooms in the area

Can I choose and book the exact unit?

To keep our rates LOW we need to keep our occupancy HIGH. That cannot be easily accomplished when we have no flexibility with assigning the rooms. That is why we do not guarantee the exact unit but rather a category. If, however, you really care about choosing the exact apartment you can do so by choosing a unit on Airbnb. Be ready to pay approximately 15% higher price, however.



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