Why choose Waikiki Studios?

Why Waikiki Studios rental and not a hotel room?

At Waikiki Studios you get FREE parking! Your apartment comes with a kitchen, including a cooker, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and kitchen ware (bowls, plates, pans, pots, utensils, glasses).

You are not charged for additional guests, because you pay for the apartment as a whole, so up to 4 people can stay there. We don't surprise you by hiding fees or charging you after you have already checked out. There are no “resort fees” added.

If you stay at vacations rentals, you don't have to bring much with you or buy locally, because they (unlike hotel rooms) have almost everything you would find at home.

When to choose Waikiki Studios:

  • You travel with friends/family
  • You want to stay for 3 nights or more
  • You plan on renting a car.
  • You need more room.
  • You want to have a refrigerator.
  • You like to prepare your own meals.
  • You travel light, because we provide all the essentials.

When to choose a hotel room:

  • You want to stay only for a night or two.
  • You prefer eating out.
  • You do not plan on renting a car.
  • You bring all essentials with you or buy them.



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